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Crawford’s Story


FlowerCrawford’s is the story of a business born out of a desire to serve and to share what has been learnt from its own journey. Established in 2005 the story begins with empathy for both new and established micro businesses in navigating the world of HMRC and accountancy compliance. For Crawford’s the accountancy profession is the medium for sharing knowledge and business processes to help others on their journey.

The story for Crawford’s continues in providing answers to some of the business questions micro businesses seek answers for such as what does HMRC require when I start my business, what can I claim as business expenses, how do I record my personal spending on the business and how can I take money out of the business? At Crawford’s we value the privilege of serving by listening to the questions asked and adapting our response and service provision to meet the specific need. We are encouraged by the passion of micro businesses and in turn encourage businesses along their journey with our professional guidance.

Our approach is personal and professional, appreciating the person behind the business and the ultimate life-style and values communicated through the business vehicle. We understand the need for timely and relevant responses by solo entrepreneurs who value the “extra person” supporting their trade.

One of our specific service packages tailored to “Women in Business” ensures we communicate in a language women entrepreneurs can understand, asking you questions to get your full understanding of what services you require and tailoring service provision to suit your requirements. Our specialist financial reports for women detail finance information using our unique infographic data bringing the numbers to life and encouraging further reading and interaction with the financial data.

We want to hear your story and to join you in your journey giving you the best support to fulfil your greatest desire.

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