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Who We Work With

Micro businesses and solo entrepreneurs

We have experience in working with a wide range of micro entrepreneurs – small limited companies, and sole traders, to sole entrepreneurs.  Our specialty is providing personal, professional support ensuring each client is given access to a qualified accountant whilst we look after their business record keeping and tax compliance needs. 

  • Start-ups – needing help with business ideas, business plans or wanting to know about tax compliance and accounting and business record keeping. 

  • Established micro businesses and small entrepreneurs – needing help with accounts compliance, management reporting, business growth planning or other specific business support 

Business Incorporation

If you are a sole trader, making consistent significant profit, incorporation may save you taxes by the more advantageous taxing of a company compared to a sole trader and possibly and windfall tax savings on the capitalizing of goodwill on transfer of your trade to your new limited company. We will check your business profits for the last three years comparing the personal tax applied against company tax.